At Adolf Gordon Corporation, we provide customized tooling services.  Our customers turn to this service when they require a part that they can't find among our large variety of off-the-shelf components.


We offer a number of tooling services.

1.  Prototype Tooling

2.  General Use Tooling

3.  Proprietary 

Some key points about tooling with Adolf Gordon Corporation

* Prototype tools can support very limited production for a very limited time. 

* Once we make a tool, we are responsible for it.  If a tool you order needs maintenance or needs to be remade, we will handle that entire process and cost...for as long as you require production from that tool.

* Prototype tools take 30-60 days to manufacture.

* Production tools take 60-90 days to manufacture. 

Prototype Tooling

This service allows you, for a modest cost, to test design ideas you have before going to the expense to create a full production tool. Our proprietary tools are two-three cavity tools and are made in the same manner as our production tools are.


General Use Tooling

If you have a part you want created and we think that other customers may want to use the same design, we will offer to subsidize a great portion of your tooling costs.  With this unusual tooling option, you get the part you want, in the material you want.  And as long as you don't mind that we market it to others, everyone is happy!

Proprietary Tooling

If you have a part you want created and need to keep the design soley for your use, select this option.  The cost of the tool is more expensive but you will know that your tool is being used only for your production.